We Take Your Privacy Very Seriously

Our website provides reverse phone lookups for legitimate safety and informational purposes. We understand that privacy is a major concern as it relates to the spread of personal data online, and it's an issue that we take very seriously.

This page specifies the information we do NOT reveal in our products and services, and how we're working to protect consumer privacy.

We are not a cell phone directory. Reverse Phone Detective does not reveal cell phone numbers. Typing a name into our website will not return the person’s mobile phone number. Previous efforts by phone carriers to create a “wireless 411” service have made it clear that consumer sentiment opposes the creation of such a directory.  

We do not sell your information to telemarketers. We’re just as annoyed with them as you are. Our product cannot be used by telemarketers to get access to your cell phone number. Furthermore, we have no partnerships or affiliations with any telemarketing companies.

We do not sell call logs or phone records under any circumstances. Not only is the sale of call logs and phone records illegal, but we do not see any legitimate reasons why these items should be available to consumers.

We do not show the physical location of cell phones. Reverse Phone Detective does not use GPS, Wi-Fi, or any technologies related to “triangulation”. What we do include in our phone reports is the “issuing” location of a phone number (based on the NPA-NXX codes) and/or the phone owner’s listed address.

Our people search data is restricted to U.S. adults only. Information about minors or residents in other countries is not included in our databases.

We do not reveal sensitive personal data in our member’s area. Information that we do NOT share, sell, or reveal includes:

  • Information about minors and vulnerable individuals
  • Social security numbers
  • Truncated social security numbers
  • Cell phone numbers
  • Phone records and call logs, including text messages
  • GPS location of phones
  • Medical, dental, or other health-related records
  • Sexual preferences
  • Religious beliefs or affiliations
  • Driver’s license numbers
  • License plate numbers
  • Credit card numbers
  • Bank accounts or router information
  • Credit scores or histories

Our services are for safety and informational purposes only. In order to conduct a reverse phone lookup on our website, users must begin with a phone number and agree to our terms and conditions. Visitors attempting to misuse information will be blocked and prosecuted.

We make opting-out of our database fast, easy, and free. We believe that consumers should have the right to opt-out of any database that stores their personal information. While other people search companies might make the opt-out process unnecessarily difficult, we keep it simple. Just visit the opt-out page and submit the number(s) you are concerned about. Your phone number will be removed from our service automatically.

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