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  • Lookup Someone's Exact Address
  • Locate Old Friends And Family
  • Investigate A Number From Someone's Phone
  • Complete Number And Address History
  • Research An Unknown Number On Your Phone bill


  • Research Unknown Numbers From Your Caller ID
  • Figure Out The Source Of Harrassing And Prank Calls
  • Find Out The Source of a Harassing ("Prank") Caller
  • Live Help To Assist You At No Extra Charge


  • Reverse Address Search Also Available
  • All Searches Are Completely Confidential
  • Remove Your Own Number From Our Database
  • If You Are Unable To Trace The Source, The Search is Free

How To Find The Right Cell Phone Lookup Service

It happens to everyone; you miss a call on your cell phone, but don't recognize the number. You don't want to call it back if it is just some telemarketer. Maybe you keep getting prank calls and you don't know how to find out who is doing it. You need a good cell phone look up service to find out who is calling you. It's true, you can use a traditional reverse phone number search on the internet, but if the person calling you is using a cell phone, you likely will not find the owner of the number this way. Cell phone numbers require a cell phone look up service.

A cell phone look up service can help you find out whatever you need to know about the person calling you. This type of service can provide you with information such as name, address, as well as information about their cell phone service provider. All this information can be gained simply by using a cell phone look up service.

Woman Sitting Talking On Cell PhoneThere are many uses for a cell phone look up service; you could find a long lost friend that you haven't spoken to for years, or discover if your spouse has more than one cell phone, or possibly you could lose the number of a business associate and need to look it up quickly.

If you use your cell phone for business purposes, it could be useful to ensure that you have your cell phone listed with a cell phone look up service. With so many businesses relying heavily on their cell phones for the majority of their communication needs, having your cell phone number listed with a cell phone look up service only makes sense.

There are many useful purposes for a cell phone look up service, but unfortunately not all of these services are created equal. Most of the free services online are only useful if you are looking for a number to a traditional landline phone, as they just don't have access to the databases of cell phone numbers. You may find what you are looking for if the number belongs to a traditional landline phone, but if it is a cell phone, you will likely not find much, if any information on it.

It is very likely that if you are looking for a cell phone number, you may have to pay a fee to use a cell phone look up service that will get you results. Most often these services require a one-time fee to use their directory, but you may get better results.

Nothing is more frustrating that having a number show up on your cell phone and not having any way to find out who it belongs to, but with a cell phone look up service, you can quickly and easily find all the information you need on that number. It's as simple as typing the number into the search box. Within minutes you will know who was calling you if you use a cell phone look up service.

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