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Free Cell Phone Directory

Would you like to use a cell phone directory for free, but think that there are not any truly free cell phone directories on the Internet? There are numerous phone directories sites that are free, but most often these online directories will not list cell phone numbers.

There are many uses for a cell phone directory, how many times of you scribbled down someone's cell phone number, but forgot to include the name, and some time later you come back, and can't remember exactly whom the number belongs to? In this case a cell phone directory that offers a reverse cell phone lookup service would be very useful in discovering who the cell phone number belongs to.

Woman Holding Cell PhoneFor years there have been telephone directories online where you could search for a phone number by using someone's name or address, or do a reverse phone number search, but now you can also find a cell phone directory online. You may find a few free phone directories, but there are several that do charge a fee for you to use their cell phone directory service.

A cell phone directory has been something the people have been wanting for because it is so difficult to find cell phone numbers. Having easy access to a quality cell phone directory is something that the public has needed for a long time, but the biggest problem with this is that obtaining the cell phone numbers to put in the cell phone directory can be difficult and costly. This is the main reason that you will find that most cell phone directories charge a small fee.

Another reason cited for there not being a cell phone directory set up for public use is that it may cause some concern over privacy issues. This does make sense to a point. Can you imagine getting the same telemarketer calls on your cell phone as you get on your home phone? It likely wouldn't stop there either; some companies may resort to using a cell phone directory to send spam messages. This is already happening to some extent.

The concern about having numbers listed in a cell phone directory appears to be more of a concern in the United States than in European countries. It is a fact that people in Europe have had their cell phones listed in a cell phone directory for a long time, and really didn't think anything of it.

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